Thursday, March 9, 2017


I am almost 100% an impulse shopper. And I love sock yarn. I had decided not to buy any more for a while, and then stumbled across this post by Must Stash Yarn on Instagram:

(Screenshot of photo by @muststashsheep)

I immediately decided I had to have it. There was the main striped skein (named Be Mine), and then a coordinating speckled skein (named Conversation Hearts). I bought them both and impatiently waited for it to get here. I was ecstatic when it arrived, and I haven't been able to knit anything else since.

The striped skein was actually two half skeins, cut so that they started and ended in the exact same place, so that anything you made would match perfectly.

(Screenshot of photo by @muststashsheep)

First I made socks, starting at the toes, with the toes and heels using the speckled yarn. I couldn't stop knitting them, and I totally love them. I was sad when they were finished because I didn’t want to have to stop knitting.

When I was done with the socks, I still had quite a bit of the striped yarn left, so now I am making fingerless mitts to wear at the office, since my hands are always cold.

I also contacted Must Stash, hoping to get another mini skein of the speckled yarn. See, I make all my socks with either afterthought or short row heels, so that when they inevitably wear out, I can easily replace them and keep wearing the socks.  I've replaced holey toes too. After making the socks, I know I didn't have enough yarn left if I needed to replace the heels or toes. After some emails back and forth, I wound up ordering two full skeins of the speckled yarn that she graciously agreed to custom dye for me. That gives me enough to not only be able to replace the heels and toes, but also to make a shrug that coordinates with the socks. This thrills me because almost all of the colors that I wear a lot of are in the speckles, so I would be able to wear it with almost everything I own.

I don't have a great pic of the shrug yet, because it is all bunched up on the circular needle, but you can see what the fabric looks like, at least:

This is the first time I've ever ordered yarn from Must Stash, and I have to say I'm very pleased. The yarn is soft, and feels wonderful in my hands and on my feet and is a dream to knit. Plus the colors are amazing, and the stripes did wind up matching perfectly:

Really? I'm a tad obsessed with this yarn...

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