Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wednesday weigh in: Whoops...

So, not only is this Thursday, not Wednesday, I didn't even do a post last week at all. The last two weeks have been difficult, work has been crazy, I've been busy all the time, and not really taking care of myself. I did have some good runs, though!

1. Nutrition: in the toilet. So in the toilet that as of yesterday morning, I was back up to 145.4. That's ok though, I'm back at work on it. I'm looking forward to some forward progress to report on this front next week :)

2. Exercise: In 2 weeks, I managed 2 strength workouts, and 0 yoga sessions. I did run every day, though. In the last two weeks, I've ran almost exactly 60 miles. My longest run was 21.85 miles, at the Alyeska Mountain Run last Saturday. That was so much fun, and so painful!

3. Supplements: I actually did better at this. I've been getting at least my vitamins B, C, and D, calcium, and glucosamine almost every day. Fish oil a couple times. I need to force myself to take the fish oil more often. It's good for my connective tissue, and my IT band has been achy since the Alyeska run. Thanks, Daisy.

4. Sleep: So-so. I got less than 8 hours of sleep 6 nights out of the last 14. I know myself well enough that I function much better with a solid 8 hours, at least. Gotta work on this one more too.

So, there you have it. I think keeping track of how I'm doing like this will help me see trends long term, and what things I really need to focus on. And I definitely know what I need to do this week. Eat right and go to bed earlier!

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