Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stupid work.

I don't think I have had a moment at any time in recent memory when I sat down feeling bored, with absolutely nothing to do. It just doesn't happen. And the thing I think I spend most of my waking hours doing is working.

(Here I am, at my home away from home)

Now, I really have to say, I love my job. It is rewarding and important work. And it is occasionally exciting and fun, like when I get to travel to some tiny village somewhere in a 4 seater plane. That's awesome right there.

However, the sheer amount of the work that lands on my desk is often completely overwhelming. I'm confident that I could clone myself and the two of us wouldn't be able to get it all done. Unfortunately when I can't get it all done, because of the nature of my work, it has a direct impact on other people's lives. That leads to a tremendous amount of stress. And often, long hours.
Yesterday, I worked 11 hours straight. My plan was to take a late lunch and run 6 miles. That would have been a great plan, except it didn't happen. I didn't take a lunch, all I ate was 7 Medifast meals all day (thank goodness I keep a stash in my filing cabinet). With my run streak going strong at day 105, I had to get my run in anyway, at least a mile. So after work I hit the gym. Because I had been planning to run outside, I was dressed for running in chilly weather. I had on a long sleeved Columbia shirt with that metallic reflective Omniheat stuff. Not exactly the best way to stay cool running in a warm gym. I didn't have a tank top or anything like that with me, and I didn't have my water bottle, as I was planning on using my Camelbak. So, with everything,  I decided to just run a mile and get the minimum in. Then once I started running, the effort turned into a great quick stress relief and I pounded out a mile in 8:51. That is super fast for me, probably the fastest mile I've run in a really long time. Maybe ever, I'm not sure. Then I slowed down and ran another .11 at a 10 minute/mile pace to make an even 10 minutes.

I didn't feel like I got a good enough workout in, though. 10 minutes isn't really sufficient. So when I got home, I did a trial workout of Beachbody's new Hard Corps workout series. The one they have available for trial is a cardio workout, and it was repetitive,  but with only 22 minutes, it didn't aggravate me too much, and the moves were sometimes challenging and had me moving my whole body and getting some core work done. I had a hard time keeping up with the count on the burpees. Burpees really do suck. And I felt pathetically uncoordinated during the lunge and twists. But it was fast moving, and easy to follow. By the end, I had sweat literally dripping off my face, and I felt like I got a pretty good workout on. I finished the day feeling pretty good, all in all.


  1. Ahh that's crazy, I feel the same way about work right now!! That's why I love running... it keeps me sane!

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    1. Same! I'd be hitting the ice cream for stress relief otherwise, for sure! And one of those things is much better for your body than the other, LOL.