Friday, February 5, 2016

the icebugs saved the day

I was in Palmer for work, so once again had the opportunity to climb the Butte on my lunch break. I never get tired of it, or the view. I got to the trailhead, laced up my icebugs, and off I went. I was super glad I wore my Icebugs today!!! It was SO ICY!!!

The entire trail wasn't icy, but the places where the trail was the steepest also were the iciest, somehow. Luckily, there was a thin layer of frost on top of the ice so that it wasn't glare ice, which would have been impossible for me to navigate even in my Icebugs.  I didn't have any trouble at all on the uphill trip.

Once I got to the portion with the stairs, it was much better, with just a few slick spots on the flat area between a few of the groups of stairs. I was able to cruise right up and down them.

The view was amazing, as usual. I never get tired of it.

On the trip down, I was afraid to run the steep, icy portions of the trail. I had to keep telling my self to go slow, but keep going. I knew if I stopped, I would have to force myself to move my feet again, LOL. And I kept reminding myself to push my feet into the ground to give the studs on my Icebugs extra pressure to dig into the ice with.

It worked, and I made it down the slick areas without falling.  The rest of the trail was very runnable and it felt good to be running. It was a great 2.4 mile, 900 foot elevation gain/loss break in the middle of my day.

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